Advancement Initiative for Medicine and Science (AIMS) is a non-profit, non-political, volunteer-based foundation that seeks to actively promote the exchange of knowledge and innovation through a range of outreach activities.

AIMS is committed to improve the breadth and depth of the medical knowledge transfer through capacity building medical, surgical and scientific programs.

AIMS provides various programs for universities and academic medical centers including:

  • Adjunct Professorship
  • Visiting Lectureship
  • Placement Program
  • Equipment Sponsorship
  • International Bridging Program
  • Research, Project Planning and Implementation

Here, you can find more information about these programs.

If your institute has a plan to start a new medical, surgical or research programs, we may be able, and would be pleased, to help you.

All AIMS programs are volunteer-based and we do not charge host institutes for the services. We plan the programs, and help with organizing, promotion, and administration.

The requests for hosting a program should be made to the AIMS through school deans, medical center directors, department chairs or division/unit chiefs. If you are a faculty member or a clinician, and think AIMS can help your institutions, please discuss it with the aforementioned officials before contacting us. We would be pleased to work with you and the officials of your institution to plan for programs.