The Top 4 Reasons to Work with AIMS

  • Human life matters. Our programs intend to save and improve human life. So you can be confident you are participating in a responsible volunteer program, through which you can make an impact.
  • Flexibility. Our programs are very flexible! We can schedule it around your dates of availability.
  • Programs that fit your interests. You can craft your contribution as a single lecture, workshop, hands-on medical or surgical training, or simply a webinar from your office. We will ensure that your time, skills and interests are being put to use to make a difference.
  • Long-term impact. Our capacity building projects deliver sustainable impact. Your contributions will last well after you board your plane home.


If you are a physician or scientist, you can work with us to make an impact on the lives of patients and ensure a better quality of life for people in developing countries. There are many opportunities for you to work with AIMS:

  • Establishment of New Scientific, Medical and Surgical Programs
  • Adjunct Professorship
  • Visiting Lectureship
  • Placement Program
  • Equipment Sponsorship
  • International Bridging Program
  • Research, Project Planning and Implementation

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Fill this form or send us an email (programs {AT}, tell us about yourself, and how you would like to contribute. We will work with you to achieve your goal. Passion and commitment to improving human life are the only requirements.



Are you going to travel to a developing country (e.g. for vacation)? We can help you to share your knowledge and expertise with physicians and scientists during your trip. We will work with academic medical centers in the city that you visit, and organize a seminar/talk for you.

If you are interested, please fill this form??or send us an email: programs {AT}

Please note that AIMS is a non-profit foundation and therefore, we are not able to provide financial support for your trip.