We go . . . to make impact . . . and stay!

We organize educational trips wherever we can have an impact and improve health.

We work in close partnership with local medical schools and hospitals to build capacity and improve health and science.

And we stay, connected to our local partners and committed to provide scientific support.

AIMS organizes educational trips in order to acheive two main aims:
a. Establishment of New Scientific, Medical and Surgical Programs
b. Research Collaboration.

The educational trip includes different activities: hands-on training, seminars, symposia, panel discussions, round tables and workshops. Those who have participated in the past trips have indicated that the travel was very helpful to host universities, professors and students as well medical system in the host country, and relaxing and extremely enjoyable to themselves. On occasion, it also supports continuing education programs for host universities.

How it works

  • We organize educational trip to (and in partnership with) university medical centers and hospitals in developing countries.
  • The team (or individuals) performs educational surgical and medical procedures to train local physicians and surgeons in their own communities, or to simply give scientific lectures.
  • After completion of the local programs, we organize short observerships for academic trainees in hospitals in Europe or North America.
  • AIMS facilitates donation of medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals to medical centers in the partner countries, by companies.
  • AIMS continues to provide scientific support to the host medical centers/schools long after our teams go home.

If you are interested to participate in our educational trip, please write to us with the latest copy of your C.V. and we will contact you to organize a program.

For further information please contact us via programs {AT} theaims.org